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The Medical Export Group (MEG) supports health projects in developing countries. One of the reasons is to make healthcare accessible. The field in which we operate imposes special requirements on our people. And it goes further than just knowledge and experience. Working for MEG requires passion. The passion to build up a personal relationship with clients and always find the best solution. Certainly in emergency situations it demands drive and teamwork. So we pull out all the stops to help our clients as best we possibly can. Naturally without making any concessions to the quality of our medical products and services.

Alongside involvement, quality service and working closely with the clients also demands knowledge and expertise. That’s why MEG also devotes enormous attention to knowledge development. Everyone in the organisation is committed to support our clients to the utmost. We work in close cooperation, and not only during working hours. Through a variety of voluntary social activities we strive to increase our team spirit.

If you have the passion and drive MEG needs, we invite you to send us an email describing your background and motivation, to

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