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Medical kits

The Medical Export Group (MEG) composes, packages and distributes medical kits. We specialize in standard and custom-made kits. To streamline emergency help, the WHO and UNICEF together with key UN and non-UN humanitarian aid organizations have developed several standard kits for the entire UN system.

Good examples are:

  • Interagency Emergency Health Kit (IEHK)
  • Diarrheal Disease kits (DD)
  • Personal Protective Equipment kits (PPE)
  • Cholera kits

MEG can supply these and other standard kits.

For customers such as the WHO, UNICEF and FRC
we also hold minimum stocks of these kits. enabling dispatch
within 24 hours, so aid organizations can react rapidly to emergencies.

More information:
Download IEHK brochure: pdf
Download IEHK Packing list: pdf


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