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The Medical Export Group (MEG) is located in the heart of the Netherlands’ distribution centre. From our site in Gorinchem we have rapid access to the world ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp and to the major European airports including Amsterdam-Schiphol. This strategic location means we can serve customers worldwide and arrange transport to even the remotest of areas.

Regardless of whether the goods need to be dispatched by sea, land or air, MEG uses the specific means of transportation, which meets the customer’s needs and requirements. We facilitate deliveries through a network of reliable, ISO-certified and preferred forwarders in order to keep track of the consignment and to safeguard the quality. If necessary, we select local forwarders for final transportation and distribution to facilitate door-to-door deliveries. In all cases we monitor the entire transport cycle and the forwarders’ performance.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience and the broad network we have created in the transport sector, we possess all the capabilities necessary for providing excellent and reliable forwarding services to suit all eventualities, at competitive price:quality ratios. MEG monitors the reliability of its logistics services continuously to determine whether parts of the process can be optimized.


From our premises in Gorinchem in the centre of the Netherlands, we serve customers around the world with quick and efficient deliveries. MEG is happy to comply with specific customers’ packaging and labelling requests. In emergency situations we can deliver products anywhere globally within a 24-48 hour timeframe.

At our well-equipped warehouses we have an internal flow of goods, which complies with Good Distribution Practices (GDP). Incoming and outgoing goods areas are separated and there is a large quarantine area, cold storage and narcotics safe. The goods are allocated over 3,200 pallet locations in our 4,200m2 climate-controlled warehouses.

Packaging & labelling

We dispatch our products by air, sea or road to more than 140 countries worldwide. Selection and packaging is crucial because, in practice, goods sometimes can be repacked as many as seven times before reaching the end-user. In this process products might undergo a variety of climatic conditions, inland transport and rough handling, therefore, reliable packaging is a must. To ensure safe arrival, we always use boxes made of corrugated cardboard for packing, strong enough to withstand such conditions.

In addition to the packaging, MEG takes great care with the labelling of the products we dispatch. All cartons bear clear labels with all the relevant information about the products supplied and the conditions under which they must be transported, for example refrigerated. The client stipulates these specifications and, if necessary, we ensure that the labels are supplied in the end-users’ language. In this way we can be certain that the recipients actually benefit from our products.

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